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Upcoming Hospitality Dates: 

Connect Meals are our Sunday lunch hospitality initiative at St Columba's. In addition to our City Group Sundays that take place on the third Sunday afternoon of the month, Connect will run on the first Sunday of the month. These meals give everyone the chance to host people, meet new people and build our community in a growing congregation.



Who?: Everyone

What?: Lunch, chat, meet new people

When?: First Sunday of each month

Why?: Community, fellowship, family


CONNECT meals use the St Columba's Text Service. For more information about this, please see stcsfc.org/sms


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To be hosted, text St Columba's on 07903 528 400Your text message should start with the word CONNECT followed by your name(s) as follows:



Please note, if you don't start your message with the word CONNECT, you will not be signed up! You will also get a confirmation message, so please let us know if you don't get one.


Usually, the sign up deadline is at 8.30pm on the Thursday before a Connect Sunday but on a 'Bacon Roll Sunday' (as advertised) you can sign up right up to the end of the morning service.


On Connect Sundays, a list of hosts and their allocated guests will be on the notice board at the back of the church auditorium. 

Connect lunches are for everyone - if you've never hosted before, now is the time! If you'd like to be hosted and meet new people, sign up!


If you need more information please email: connect@stcsfc.org


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7 Days of Prayer


Our next scheduled 7 Days of Prayer at St Columba's is: April 2019

_ _ _

Our theme for 7 Days of Prayer is The Lord's Prayer and details are below. Underneath are the details palnned for each day.

Daily Prayer Points:

Every Day:
3 friends to Come to Faith

Our Father, Hallowed be your Name
Prayers of Adoration and Thanksgiving
Daily Focus: St Columba’s

Forgive us as we Forgive
Prayers of Confession and Repentance
Daily Focus: For Edinburgh

Your Kingdom Come
Prayers for Fruitful Ministry and Mission in the city
Daily Focus: Cornerstone

Deliver us from Evil
Prayers for Protection
Daily Focus: For Scotland

Your Will be Done
Prayers for Holiness, Justice and Good Works
Daily Focus: For Esk Valley

To God be Glory Forever
Prayers of Doxology
Daily Focus: For our World

Give us this Day our Bread
Prayers for our Practical Needs
Daily Focus: For Haddington








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