Our next scheduled 7 Days of Prayer at St Columba's is: April 2019

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Our theme for 7 Days of Prayer is The Lord's Prayer and details are below. Underneath are the details palnned for each day.

Daily Prayer Points:

Every Day:
3 friends to Come to Faith

Our Father, Hallowed be your Name
Prayers of Adoration and Thanksgiving
Daily Focus: St Columba’s

Forgive us as we Forgive
Prayers of Confession and Repentance
Daily Focus: For Edinburgh

Your Kingdom Come
Prayers for Fruitful Ministry and Mission in the city
Daily Focus: Cornerstone

Deliver us from Evil
Prayers for Protection
Daily Focus: For Scotland

Your Will be Done
Prayers for Holiness, Justice and Good Works
Daily Focus: For Esk Valley

To God be Glory Forever
Prayers of Doxology
Daily Focus: For our World

Give us this Day our Bread
Prayers for our Practical Needs
Daily Focus: For Haddington