You may be visiting this page because you have received a text message today from St Columba’s Free Church.  We have sent this text to you because you are currently involved in our congregation and have agreed for your number to be in our congregational directory.

Please be assured that we will not habitually contact you in an unsolicited manner in the future and we will cease to send you any texts at all should you let us know via our stop keyword (see more below)

This service is primarily to enable you to contact us and will be used for a variety of congregational activities, including signing up for events.

Please ensure that your address is book is updated for St Columba’s to our new number 07903528400

Keywords are certain words that we ask you to start your message with depending on what your message is about and it helps us filter your message at our end and respond appropriately! (please see here for an example: stcsfc.org/sms2)

Keywords like start, stop and new can be used on their own but sometimes you need to include information after the keyword like name, which would be followed by your name to be added to our address book.

We will publish a range of keywords as we continue to roll out the service, but some important keywords are as follows:

new [to let us know that you are new to the congregation]
name [to be added to our address book]
stop [to be removed from our address book]
start [to let us know that you’d like to receive text messages from us again, after a stop message]

If you do send us the STOP message you will not be able to sign up to any events or activities via the text service as we will not be able to confirm and send you a reply.